There are a range of facilities that we offer from recording sessions, mixing and mastering sessions, and music production. Recording studio (double room), recording studio (small room), green screen for hire, mixing, mastering. For enquiries please contact a.l.cole@outlook.com

Music Production

Get up close and personal with the producers you can feed him your ideas. Tell them exactly what you want and watch them create it right in front of your eyes. Will be finished within your session and to your satisfaction guaranteed. We have some great equipment MPC renaissance, MPK 49 keyboard and Logic Pro X.

If you are a producer and need a studio to use with equipment we also 1 to 1 sessions available.

Minimum of 2 hour sessions with theses required.

Vocals mixing, beats mixing and track mastering.

We have 2 recording studios one a small home studio, very comfortable for one to one sessions. How ever we have a big recording studio that can’t hold 10 people perfect if you need some encouragement and support from friends.

Recording sessions are for singers rappers any body that want express there self. You might just want to be in a studio environment. It might be a chance to show everyone what you can really do.

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With a range of facilities from recording sessions, mixing and mastering sessions, and music production, recording studio’s, green screen facilities and mixing and mastering capacity, we’ll be happy to help you move your musical project forward.